Often using the human form, Francesca paints scenes that contain a powerful and emotional charge. In some works the space around the outside of the canvas edge becomes as important as the image depicted within the frame as tight compositional crops mask and conceal the context and narrative flow of what is portrayed.

In some works the viewer himself becomes a part of the story as he finds himself interrupting a private moment. The ambiguity of the images oblige the viewer to call upon his own experiences and emotions to find a way of relating to the painting. Thus the pieces become multifaceted depending on the viewer and the personal insights and preoccupations he brings to bear on the clues disclosed by the work.

Francesca uses oil paints and a variety of surfaces in order to achieve differing effects. Aluminium sheets reflect light in such a way as to allow the tones within the painting to alter in changing light.

Francesca regularly takes on commissions. Whether it is a portrait of a loved one, a special landscape or something more abstract, she works carefully with her clients in order to realise their vision. Please feel free to contact Francesca with any enquiries or questions that you may have.